Sunday, 15 September 2013

Geocaching and the Police

Today was a day to purge the email account of any and all old messages hanging out in the Inbox.  There was one that had been sitting there for a little bit from about DIY caches and quality hides.
It made a very interesting read, but what caught my eye was a link to their blog "Latitude 47" about tips from law enforcement officers so that caches don't mistaken for something more insidious.  

We geocachers hear about it all too often, about that cache out there in some place that some muggle (non-geocacher) stumbled upon and thought it was a bomb, or some other device.  This resulting in a call to the police; who in turn contact the bomb squad, which then gives geocaching a bad name in the community.  We then think that is okay, as it was not here in your home town.  But then horror of all horrors, right there in your local paper you read about it happening where you live.  You lower your head and groan, and wonder why!

It is a problem that happens all over the world, but there are things you can do to help the activity of geocaching keep a good name.  This is where I refer you to the blog entry at "Latitude 47".  It was a very interesting and educational article, and you can find it HERE.

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