Monday, 15 September 2014

10 to 4999

The other day (Saturday September 13th) Mrs. GO! Team and I decided to go out and get some caches.  We were only 10 away from being at 4999 cache finds, and since we were getting precariously close to our planned date for our 5000th we knew we had to get going.  So out the door we went.

A quick survey of the available caches we could do nearby had us driving out to North Saanich and Sidney.  We had a great day of caching, and made short work of every cache we went to.   Only one proved to be a problem, but that DNF was made tolerable by a visit from a very friendly cat who weaved in and out of our legs begging for attention (which he got)!
But you know 9 caches is nothing to scoff at, and so when we were done we treated ourselves to a very nice dinner at the Spitfire Bar & Grill near (YYJ) Victoria International Airport.

But since we had that small snag on the last one of the day, it provided us with a need to find one more to get all ready.  So yesterday after I got off work I took a look at the map to see what was available, and one cache near the Gorge Waterway stood out to me.  Reading up on the description what was needed we headed out to get our 4999th cache find.

Well this turned into a gong show of a trip, but you know what... I think I will let our cache log tell the story for you!

GC5BKTZ - Fill Me Up Cache Log:

Yesterday we The GO! Team headed out to get 10 caches to make us have 4999 cache finds. Well that failed to happen as the last one we did ended in a DNF. So it was back to the drawing boards for us.
Today when I got off work I looked online and spied this fellow sitting unfound by us in the Gorge area, and reading the description decided this was the cache for us. So after we had dinner we loaded up and headed out to the cache site.

When we arrived we grabbed our water and headed there. The tube was a QEF (even in the dark), and we set to it. Mrs. GO! Team plugged the hole and I poured the contents of the 2 liter bottle of water we filled prior to coming. We retrieved the cache, opened the container, unrolled the log, and..... we didn't have a pen. CRAP! Mrs. GO! Team thought there might be one in her car, so off she went to look (taking the half empty bottle with her) while I stayed at GZ. 

After a short time I got a text message from her saying she didn't have a pen. So I did the next best thing and took a picture of the tube, a picture of the container and the log, and a picture of me replacing the container in the tube. And then I headed back to the car. 
But along the way Mrs. GO! Team met up with me all excited that she found a pen. So I explained that I had taken proof pics and replaced the cache. But we decided that we would go back to the car again and get the 2 liter bottle and use the remaining water to retrieve the cache. So we went back, got it and headed to GZ a second time. 

Oh no the story is not done here! 
We arrived back at GZ and I twisted the cap, and a very unexpected "HISS" occurred. Turns out Mrs. GO! Team also had a bottle of carbonated water in the car too.. This caused us to laugh and laugh; and so back to the car we went to get the water, since there was no way we were using lemon flavoured carbonated water in this cache.

One more trip back to GZ and we were back in business. Snapped a few more pics to help flesh out our story, poured the water again, and retrieved and signed the log. 

BWT favourite point from us, we like these kind of caches!! 


So there we are, at 4999 cache finds and ready to get out there and make our 5000th milestone a reality.  What is it you ask?  Well I think I may have hinted to it in a previous blog, but if I haven't you will be reading about it very soon.  So stay tuned to The GO! Team Adventures Geocaching Blog to check it out.

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