Saturday, 20 September 2014

5000th Cache Find At The Original Stash Tribute Plaque

On September 20th 2014, we The GO! Team along side my father Postie Bear awoke early in the morning to head out the door and begin what would be a 7 hour drive to Oregon to visit the birthplace of this amazing outdoor activity we all know and love.  That is right, we drove to the Original Stash Tribute Plaque - GCGV0P.  The reason for the trip was that we were making this our 5000th geocache find, while Postie Bear was getting his 3300th!  What a great reason to make this pilgrimage!!  If you would like to learn a bit about the history of geocaching and the Original Stash, take a look at this article by clicking HERE.

So as I was saying, we got up early and started the trip.  Catching the ferry to the mainland we had a nice breakfast and landed on the other side.  We headed down to the border crossing at White Rock, and thankfully crossed with no incident and barely a wait.  The drive down wasn't anything too spectacular, as the scenery is nothing different than what you would see at home drving on the highway.  But one would have to note the ingenuity that goes into the design of the highways and the massive clover leafs in the states, they are definitely unlike anything back home.

It was a very long drive, but we eventually arrived in Oregon and the Original Stash Tribute Plaque.  We all jumped out of the vehicle and converged on the plaque to have a read, take pictures, and make our place in geocaching history by visiting this historical location.  After that we wandered the few meters to the tribute cache hidden nearby and signed the logbook and leave some trackables!

After all that we headed up the hill and found the cache called "Un-Original Stash", and continued further up the road to find two more called "One in Fifty" and "Take a  Hike".
On the way back down we noticed a vehicle pulled over at the plaque and saw two ladies making the find.  We being the friendly Canadians that we are pulled over a chat, and what we got was a surprise!  Turns out the two ladies were tadrew and Cmisko  from back home in Victoria, BC!  What a coincidence!  We chatted for a bit, took a photo together, and decided to have dinner together at the Cheesecake Factory in Portland.  But before heading to the restaurant we found a few more caches in the area.

The next day we headed home and completed our 1220km round trip.  Instead of telling you about that end of the story (which isn't much except for driving) I have put together a hyperlapse film of the entire trip, so please check it out!

Also there will be some photos below!


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