Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lumbo-Tires' Annual New Year "Strollin on"

I have to start this entry with an apology, I have been very busy as of late and writing has been the furthest thing from my mind.  With a major change in vocation things in my life have changed entirely!  But I think I am finally getting it together enough to start putting my efforts back into my other passions like geocaching and writing this blog.

Our first story comes from way back in January.  In fact it comes from January 10th when Lumbo-Tire hosted his annual new year "Strollin on" event.  This year entitled "Strollin on The Bipedal Celebration in Saanich - GC5HDD1"

As usual Lumbo held his event at the ever impressive Mess in the LT. General Ashton Armoury.  It is such a nice location, with tons of room and seating.  As well, he had the no host bar open for those wishing to imbibe in a drink or two.  This year he had the football game on the big screen TV for those who didn't want to miss the action.

A nice thing to happen is that my father Postie Bear came down this time, and along with his friend CurleyQ42 they had their very first Lumbo-Tire New Year event experience.

One of the things that stand out about this event is the games.  Lumbo-Tire puts on a few games to keep the night interesting.  He usually has his "Guess the Number" game where the attendees have to guess how many of an object is in the large jar.  A new addition was the "You know you're a geocacher when" game, where those who participated wrote on slips of paper a thing that happened or thing that stands out as a truth when you are a geocacher.  The winner of the "Number" game I can't remember, but the winner for the "You know" game was diraduck who wrote "You know you're a geocacher when you pee in the woods way more than you do at home"!!

The game that is played for the majority of the night is Lumbo's famous "Swag Bag" game.  In this game Lumbo looks for the most obscure, yet things you use or see everyday.  He then sews them into numbered pouches, and we have to feel them and blindly guess what they are.
It has been  a few years, but guess who won!?  That's right me!!  I actually dominated the scene this year just knowing what the items were with extra details.  My crowning yet embarrassing moment was knowing that one pouch contained a My Little Pony figure in it, but no not just that... I knew it was a Pegasus and that it was the character "Fluttershy"!  For this I got a bonus 5 points on the item.

As usual everyone had a great time talking and sharing stories and ideas for the new caching year.  The gift exchange went really well, and people walked away with some pretty cool stuff.  Personally we got a nicely stocked cache and a few other cool items that we will definitely use in our future hides!  Our usual photographer wasn't able to do the job, so Mrs. GO! Team got everyone together for a quick shot using her cellphone.  And slowly people trickled away into the night.

Another very successful new year event Lumbo-Tire!  You always do such a great job!!!

Thanks to everyone that came and brought all the amazing potluck foods, gifts, and enthusiasm.  It was really nice seeing old familiar faces, and a few new ones too!

See you all again soon and thanks for reading!

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