Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Day Caching at Piper's Lagoon Park

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all had a great evening New Years Eve, even if you only just tucked in bed or sitting on a couch by the fire watching a favorite movie.  In our case we were in Nanaimo at our regular haunt, having a great time.  The home we were at was old friends of Mrs. GO! Team, and the very people that introduced geocaching to us who go by the caching name sahara_jeepers.  We enjoy the comradery of their parties, and they never complain about a New Years Day walk involving geocaching.

So there we were at their home standing around the fire pit in their back yard, imbibing in our favorite drinks awaiting the arrival of 2015!

Midnight arrived in due time, and we all shook off 2014 to Taylor Swifts "Shake it off".  Sadly the party didn't last much longer than that, as we all turned in fairly early.  That was a first for us, is it because we are getting older??  Let's hope not!!

The next day I awoke and headed to the living room to check out Facebook on my phone, and Mrs. sahara_jeepers came and joined me.  I mentioned that I had a couple of Letterbox Hybrids that I was interested in doing, and she was very interested in doing those since they would be their first of that cache type.  She also suggested a brunch at the Nanaimo Ricky's and a walk at Piper's Lagoon Park, as there were a few caches there that they had not gotten before.  I was happy to say yes to that, so I used her computer to load up 5 more caches for us to do that day.
And once her family and my wife were up and ready, we all headed out the door to go for brunch and our caching fun!

 Of course I won't bore you all with the details of our breakfast, but it sure was yummy.
When all of us were done eating, we headed out and met at the first of the Letterbox caches that we 
planned.  This one was "claret97's Birthday Cache" by Boris the Spider 7.
Thankfully Mrs. sahara_jeepers was a little better equipped to find this one, as she was the only person to have worn waterproof footwear.  So she crossed the marshy area and made a nice quick find, and signed the log for us all.  For us that didn't we had to contend with several dog bombs (poop), and we all avoided it well except Mrs. sahara_jeepers!  So I guess she will have good luck while geocaching for the rest of the year.

The second one was "North Nanaimo Trail Mix" by Boris the Spider 7 & claret97.  And this time Mr.
sahara_jeepers joined us while the Mrs stayed with the kids in the car.  This cache was a little more of an adventure that took us down a little trail to a side trail.  Up this we walked a hill until we found a rocky plateau.  Once up here we
decided not to use the extra coordinates provided by the cache owner in the hint, and after a small search of the surrounding area Mr. sahara_jeepers made the find!

With the letterbox Hybrids out of the way, it was time to go on to Piper's Lagoon Park.
Here there were 5 caches for us  to find here.  A couple of them sahara_jeepers had found before, so they left it to us to find those.  We had a great time walking around together finding the caches, looking at the sights, and joking around.  It is always fun to go caching with people that have little ones in their family, sure the day goes slow but even the smallest of adventures become the biggest when they are around.  When we got around to our last cache of the day we started down from the hill it was on, and almost immediately I stepped into a big heaping pile of dog doodoo!  Of course this caused me to grumble a bit, but in the end I just wiped it away and considered it a sign that I will have good luck caching for the rest of 2015.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading our blog!  We wish for you a safe and fun year in 2015, and may all your geocaching adventures be full of great finds!!

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