Saturday, 14 April 2012

Caching Roche Cove Park with TheFutureSpud

What a glorious day caching it was on April 14th, 2012.
And what a great day for thefuturespud to get out and cache for the first time in about a year. Anyone who has read our earliest blog posts, or has checked out mine and Just Leafy's profile on will know that thefuturespud is the man who got us caching in the first place. To be fair he did not introduce us to caching, as that honour lies with Sahara_Jeepers from Nanaimo. But it was thefuturespud that showed me there was an app for my phone, and that started the whole adventure and unleashed Just Leafy and I onto the unsuspecting Vancouver Island caching community!! So now you know who to blame!!

But anyway, for some reason he did not stick with geocaching. And as our numbers started to rocket skyward, his stayed way down under 100. So we were excited when he asked if he could come out with us and cache somewhere. Looking at the maps at I chose Roche Cove Park. There was a looping trail that had about 10 to 12 caches that we could do in about 2~3 hours, with easy to moderate terrain ratings. And because this was a place that I have not been to since my mid-teens I figured what a great place to go cache!!

We arrived and got our packs ready, and started with a cache that was located right in the parking lot; "Sign of The Times.... Roche - GCQ7X0". That turned out to be a nice easy start, but man the log sheet was smelling pretty funky. With that complete we turned our attention to the Cedar Gove Loop. This is a very nice trail, with a bunch of easy'ish caches all the way around. The only thing was the heavy rains we had the week leading up to this day had caused it to become very muddy at spots. But we did not let this bug us, and we were able to get through these muddy patches with ease!

We had a great day caching this area, and ended it all with "Water Music - GC32K06". The caches were pretty well stocked (if they were large enough to hold anything), and the logs were in great shape for the most part too!

Thanks to all the cachers that have hidden in this wonderful park!

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