Sunday, 22 April 2012

Earth Day K9 Flash Mob Event

Well as the weather gets better and cachers start to wander out a bit more, it is to be expected that an event on Eath Day would be in order.  And AnnieMaroo did not disapoint!  She planned another flash mob cache event at Beaver Lake, but this one was geared toward cachers of the canine persuasion.  And as the time to line up came, we all bunched up at the picnic shelter and our picture was taken.

This concluded the flash mob portion.  But now down to business!!  There was a new cache near by that had not been found yet, so a group of 20 or more of us headed into the bush to find it. 
And as an hour of hunting and passed, we all tired of the failure and slowly departed to do other things.

Needless to say the cache owner of that particular cache fixed it up so that it would be a bit easier to find, and it was found later that day!

Thanks again for a fun excuse to get together AnnieMaroo!  And nice to see everyone again!!!

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