Saturday, 7 April 2012

East Sooke Park and Easter Event

On Saturday April 7th, Just Leafy and I joined forces with Paulboy of Ladysmith and tackled the ESP (East Sooke Park) Series.

We really could not have asked for a better day! The sun was shining all day long, the temperature was beautiful, and the air was full of the smells of spring. And that is really a geocacher's perfect day.

We started out with a couple of caches down on East Sooke Road before heading to the designated parking area for the main set of caches on our list. But once we had those done, it was time to get serious.
We drove to the end of Parkheights Drive which starts you out at the bottom of what looks to be a driveway. But fear not cachers, it is not a drive way! Just follow it up (on foot) and you reach the park trail/road start.

We began our main set of caches right at the sign, and started the giant loop of caches following the trail not to far away. The second cache was muggled (stolen), but luckily Paulboy had an extra pre-made micro cache in his hip pack. using that we replaced the stolen one and were able to log it as found.

The hike itself was fairly easy. A lot of ups and downs smallish hills, but nothing to get to concerned over! And the scenery was just beautiful. No spanning vistas or anything, but just beautiful old forest.

When we were halfway, we decided to break for lunch. And when looking at our watches realized we had gotten all we had done in less than two and a half hours, I spoke up and told Paulboy about the Easter Event at Mt. Doug Park. We calculated that we would be done our day by 12:30~1:00pm and figured we could make it to said event before it was done. So back to caching we went!

Sure enough we were done by 12:30pm, and back to the vehicles by 1:00pm. With the 27 caches we were able to find done we snapped a picture together, hopped in our cars, and away we went to join in at the Egg-stravigant event. And found one more along the way! This gave us twenty-nine found for the whole day, including the Event!

Arriving at the event we found it in full swing! It was nice to see everyone that turned up, and especially nice to see the family I had suggested the event to had attended and had a great time.

Thanks Paulboy for inviting Just Leafy and myself to join you in East Sooke! Thanks to The Incredibles for the Easter Event. And nice to see you all again!


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