Saturday, 4 May 2013

WWFM X - May The Fourth Be With You

On Saturday May 4th, 2013 (May the 4th be with you) the tenth annual WWFM X (World Wide Flash Mob) Event took place.  The event here in Victoria (GC47HQK) happened at the beautiful and scenic Clover Point, while we were joined by others all over the globe at various other events.  The WWFM is described as such by the folks at

"More than 15,000 geocachers attended one of more than 350 geocaching flash mob events spanning the globe. From a small beginning, the WWFM has grown astronomically, spreading around the globe to include more geocachers and more events every year. The WWFM events are 15 minutes of fun and excitement, packed with “typical” geocaching event activities like group photos, event meals (usually Hershey’s kisses), prize giveaways and trackable trading."

Originally it was just going to be me Shadowcaster of The GO! Team going to this event, as Just Leafy was at Goldstream Campgrounds camping with some of our friends.  But this morning (6:30am) as a I was getting my beauty sleep I got a call on my cellphone from her telling me that she was already up and would like me to come pick her up and bring her too. 
So up I got, quickly dressed with the fog of sleep still in my head I headed out to pick her up.

The weather today was just glorious, and when we arrived at Clover Point we were greeted with a crystal clear view of the Olympic Mountains in the distance. 
Already many cachers were gathered around (not at) GZ (ground zero), waiting for the appointed time to move into the center of the grounds to proceed with the actual Flash Mob. 

When the appointed time arrived, the waiting hoard of waiting geocachers turned and headed to the center.  The table in place and logbook set out, people poured in from all directions to sign.  Then we all lined up for the group photo taken by cameracowgirl, who has graciously given her permission for the photos to be used here on this blog.   Be sure to click on them to view the larger versions!
After that the draw for the WWFM X official geocoin was made, and Mr. Landsharkz was asked to reach in and pull out the winners name.  And the winner was AnnieMaroo, so a congratulations goes to her!  You enjoy that coin, we look forward to discovering it at a future event!

It was so nice to see all the usual friendly faces and to meet a few new people as well. The attendees of the event were from all over.  I believe we had some that were just off the plane this morning from the east coast, and as well there were visitors from Germany in attendance as well!
We always seem to talk to the same people all the time, yet we want to get around to more...  But it will have to be next time when we put our foot down and make sure we do.

An absolutely huge THANK YOU is in order for A-Team and G-Force for putting the time and energy into planning and hosting this event.  As well, another thank you goes to all who turned out to make the event a memorable one!


  1. What a great turnout and the picture of our caching canines is super! My girl 'Tieka the Canine Landshark' is the pooch out front smiling for the camera. She's such a ham!

    1. Sure was a great turnout!!! We LOVE Tieka and all the other geo-pooches!