Monday, 4 February 2013

And So The Adventure Begins!

Well the time has come, and spirits couldn't be any higher!  Today is the day we embark on a journey filled with laughs, good times, and tons and tons of geocaches.  Our geocaching team called the CIA (Canadian Island Aliens) are heading to Nevada to attempt (to us) an unprecedented number of cache finds!  We are expecting to possibly find 2800 to 3000 geocaches total along the E.T. Highway, surrounding area and Route 66.  It will be go, go, go.. And I am sure we will be pretty bagged (and sick of geocaching) once we complete it all.

Today is more of a get ready and travel day.  We flew out of Victoria to Edmonton and are spending the night at a hotel compliments of Westjet!  The reason of this is that they buggered up and cancelled our original flight, rescheduled us with a completely unacceptable flight with a 6hr lay-over in Los Angeles on Tuesday.  This would have us arrive in Las Vegas 30min late for the event we are hosting at the Luxor Hotel and Casino that very night.  Upon calling them and explaining my situation they came up with this solution, which is way better as it will have us arrive in Vegas at 8am'ish, whereas my original flight would have had me there at 2pm.

So here we are in Edmonton excitedly awaiting our next flight.  Keep checking back to read more about our grand adventure, I am sure we will have tons to tell you about!

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