Sunday, 10 February 2013

ET Highway Day 5: The Last Day (For us that is)!!

Day 5 started just like all the rest.... Early!
We all rose and started to get ready and met at the Little A'Le'Inn Restaurant for breakfast.  Discussing what we had to do that day we hurried our eating and headed out.  First on the list was the UFO!  This was exactly like the Alien Head, and we had it all done in short order and headed out to grab some of the surrounding caches by foot.  This took us a few more hours and then we headed back for a warm cup of coffee and a snack.  We said our farewells to the wonderful staff of the Little A'Le'Inn, bought a few keepsakes and trackables and headed back out.

This leg of the trip had us cleaning up some more caches we ignored on the way by before and doing a few small powertrails again.  The going was a lot slower today, but it still had the outcome of some amazing numbers.  Here we saw more of the flora and fauna, and even more diverse lansacapes.  We moved along grabbing cache after cache.  These powertrails were made by a cacher by the name of nvtriker, all of them named after people that have come out here to cache the ET Highway series.  We saw caches named after sole seeker, cache crop, Tugman and Wifey and more.  And one day all of our names will be out there in the Nevada high desert!

We continued until we reached a point where all were in agreement that it was time to head back to Las Vegas.  On the way there we hit just a few more, one near a gas station, the other a letterbox hybrid just off the highway.  And to add a little more excitement to the mix, Paulboy got us pulled over by highway patrol for speeding past a 16 wheeler.  The Highway Patrolman was actually very nice and when he found out we were geocachers let Paulboy off the hook!   I have to say that I do not recommend trying to get away with speeding here, just cause we got off lucky does not mean you will.

We pulled into the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, unloaded, and checked in.  Here I said my farewells to the team, because I had decided not to leave with them to do the 6th day of caching down at Route 66.  Being sick all those days, the lack of sleep, and constantly being on the go had taken its toll on me.... I was just too tired to continue on.

So this marks the last day of our journey in Nevada.  Just Leafy, Postie Bear and myself enjoyed a relaxing day on the Las Vegas strip on the 6th day while the others did 800 plus caches on Route 66.  And I have to say that is what was really needed for me.

The 7th day we headed to the Airport and started for home.  Luckily we run into seekandsail before we boarded our flight, and we got to learn a bit about their fun day in California.

Well that completes my story about our adventure on the ET Highway.  We hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed the experience.

And as one last thing to share, you will find below this post a musical photo montage recapping the adventure.  Enjoy!

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