Tuesday, 5 February 2013

E.T. Highway Adventure: Travel Day & Event

Well the time finally came and gone, but on February 4th Just Leafy and I started our adventure to the E.T. Highway powertrail series.  This adventure started with us leaving Victoria at 8:30pm with a flight to Edmonton.  My health was seriously not at it`s  best, as I was hit with a pretty crazy cold the week before.  Little did I know that the lingering chest congestion would hinder my adventure later on, but blissfully we traveled onward.

After arriving in Edmonton we were put up in hotel compliments of Westjet.  They really messed up a few months ago and cancelled my flight replacing it with one that had a 6 hour layover in Los Angeles, effectively causing me to be late for my own event in Las Vegas.  This would not do, and a comprimise was made with Westjet that would include the above overnight in Edmonton, but would get me to Vegas 6 hours before my event.  And so on February 5th we flew onward in the early morning hours to our destination.

We arrived in Las Vegas without any problems and was very pleased that our bag was the 6th one off the ramp onto the conveyor belt.  We proceeded outside and grabbed a taxi to our hotel, and soon met up with one of our caching companions seekandsail in the lobby of the Excalibur Hotel & Casino.
Since we could not check in yet (too early and rooms not ready) seekandsail let us store our luggage in his room, and we walked over to the food court in the MGM Grand to have a quick breakfast before setting forth and adventuring for a while!

Wanting to show Just Leafy and seekandsail everything I could, I literally wore myself right out.  I had walked myself too far and stretched my energy too thin, and I could not stop coughing.  It almost got to the point that I would not be able to get myself back to the hotel.  But I did, and Leifa and I checked in and retired to our room and presently I passed right out from exhaustion.

The rest of what happened that day resides in Leafy's mind.  But all it consisted of was running around and meeting up with Paulboy and some of the other crew and renting the vehicle.

I awoke at 5:30pm and started to get myself ready for my event.  I felt like crap, and moved slowly about conserving energy.  And soon enough the time came and Leafy and headed out way over to the Luxor Hotel & Casino to where I was hosting the event in the food court.
I have to say Las Vegas cachers are as bad as us BC cachers!  I arrived early to find I was late!! 
It was a great time, over 30 cachers from all over came and attended the event.  Lots of laughs were had, and I got to reconnect with others that I had met at the event I held here in May 2011.  Even Clay4 creator of the E.T. Highway series was in attendance.  Paulboy made him a honorary member of our team and gave him a customized team shirt.

After the event, we all sat and had a quick meeting to discuss the trip.  And soon retired to our rooms to get what we could for sleep before heading out!

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