Saturday, 9 February 2013

ET Highway Day 4: The Road to Rachel and One Big Alien Head

Day 4 began like all the rest in the trip, EARLY!
We all met up in the parking lot of the Clown Motel and headed back over to the Mizpah Hotel for breakfast.  We learned that the restaurant here opened at a good time, and this meant we didn't have to eat at Texaco again.

I don't know what was my problem this day, but it was my worst yet.  I was feeling better, but I mentally was not alright.  Seriously I was a total jerk this day, absolutely miserable.  Maybe I was just done... Tired of being sick, tired of being tired, tired of all the caching!  But like I said I was a jerk, and I felt bad about it after.

But on with the story about this day!  We began with a couple of traditional caches in Tonopah followed by a earthcache. With those out of the way we were back on the highway and completed a small powertrail that consisted of caches placed by those who had come and completed the ET Highway series.  At the end of the trail Paulboy placed one on behalf of our team "CIA Thanks You - GC45PJN", so if you are in that area be sure to find and log it.
The reason people from so far away can place a cache there is because the cachers maintain it.  In fact every cache in the whole series and in the surrounding areas a maintained mostly the cachers and not their owners. It is kind of a requirement, so make sure you bring film canisters with paper in them to use as a replacement.

After we completed that we kept heading back down the highway, picking off caches we skipped when focusing only on the ET caches.  We eventually got to another earthcache and went on a short walk to get a cache that claimed to be the original ET Highway cache (not tied into the series).  Continuing on we also found a fun little cache inside a skull.  JuRuu just wanted a picture with it, but when he held it up for the shot we noticed the cache inside.

We eventually got back to Rachel and stopped in for a quick bite to eat and a coffee, and headed back out.
This part of the trip would be more like regular caching, and did not require driving around at all.  We first did another small powertrail across from the Alien Head, and once that was done headed over to the Alien Head and completed that.
I have to say the Alien Head is a lot of fun, and it left me looking very forward to doing the UFO the next day.

After returning to the hotel the whole group headed out to do a Whereigo, a multi-stage, letterbox hybrid, regular, another earthcache, and a mystery-puzzle in the dark so that we could complete and sign a challenge that required you to find 6 different cache types in one day.  And before calling it quits for the day did one last small powertrail  A great time was had by all, but by this time everyone was super tired from all the walking.
Very much our smallest number day so far, but man it was worth it!  And as the day came to a close all turned in for the night once more, dreaming of one last day on the ET Highway.

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