Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Our good friend and geobuddy LadyWaterlight was in town recently, and we got the chance to hang out with her on July 31, 2012.

On her last trip out she (thanks to us) got bitten by the geocaching bug, and she is now very much one of us.  And when she came out yet again, she asked if we could go out and do some serious caching!
We could not could not deniy her this request, and so I got to planning out a fun adventure for us.  But with fuel costing what it does these days, I wanted to not do any drive-up caches.. No I figured we needed to go somewhere where we could get some good numbers all on foot!  And that is when I decided to look north of Victoria and found the Cowichan Valley Power Trail Series or simply CVPT.  There is I believe 87 in this series, while there are a few of the Island Spirit Legacy caches tossed in here and there.  But for this trip I focused solely on the CVPT caches.

At about 5pm we picked up LadyWaterlight and made our way up island to the starting point, which we arrived at about 6pm.  There is parking very close to where the first cache in this series is, so this is where we ditched our wheels for the next three hours.

We figured that we could maybe get thirty of these caches in before we lost our light, and that became our hope and focus.  We started these caches and quickly realized that the owners cache crop had done a magnificent job of making them hidden to regular passerbys, but nice and easy for geocachers.  And we moved along at a nice pace.  We even noticed that somehow I had skipped on putting number 11 on the GPS and we still found it by guessing where it was based on past hints and distances.

Soon we got to number 30 and looked at the time... It was 9:30pm and would start to loose light fast.
We began the trek back, and soon we had no light at all.  But it was so bright out, because there was the most magnificent moon.  It was high and bright, and at one point we had to shield our eyes from it so as to not loose our night vision.

It took us roughly over and hour to get back to the Jeep, and when we arrived we high-fived and congratulated each other on a job well done.

Thanks cache crop for the magnificent series.  Be sure we will be back to work on it some more!!!!

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