Saturday, 7 July 2012

Island Spirit 2012 Geocoin Event

With the main event finished there was one last event to attend that same evening, and that was the Island Spirit Geocoin Event - GC3M25M.  This event was the place to be to discover peoples personal geocoin and trackable collections, make trades, and to purchase the Geocoin Event geocoin!

Here many a person came to my very own table, to discover my personal collection.  Sadly I did not get around to the other tables to discover trackables, so the only ones I got to see were the ones people asked me to discover while writing down the tracking numbers on mine.

Though while being here I learned of a website that makes logging trackables super easy and not so time consuming.  This website is and I have to thank Alyse of alyseluvsmike for informing me of this awesome tool.  I must warn users that the site has one small glitch where it tells you that it failed in logging the trackables, but it actually has done it.  The owner of the website warns of this on the site, and it is something he can not fix.

Anyway moving forward, I also noticed that the rumored travelling geocache was sitting at the table next to me.  So Just Leafy and I have logged two of this kind of cache now!

Now to talk about the Geocoin Event geocoin!  This is a very beautiful coin that is shaped like the Province of BC and has Vancouver Island and the other coastal islands depicted on its face.  One of the coolest features is that it joins up very nicely with the geocoin from Best of the Bad (WestCan1), which happens to be shaped like the Province of Alberta. 
The talk I heard from many a person is how they are all hoping that Saskatchewan will be the host of WestCan3, and I agree!  I only hope that I will be able to go there if it is!!!!!

Anyway it was wonderful getting to meet even more people at this particular event!  Just Leafy and I hope to see you all at other events here in Canada and the United States.

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