Friday, 6 July 2012

Let's Get The Party Started

 After a fun filled 2.5hrs tubing down the Cowichan River, there was a short time in between where Just Leafy and I could jet over to my best friends house to set up camp in his backyard.  We had set up our tent and gear in good time, but found that we had to get the heck out of there and jump over to the next event that was on out schedule.  This was Let's Get The Party Started - GC3GRJ5 at Fuller Lake Arena.

This event was held so as to let people pick up their registration packages and such, and to help in stopping congestion the day of the event so that people could get on with whatever fancied them best during the Mega.  I have to say that how it was executed was managed beautifully and was a nice and easy to flow through.  It was really fun to walk around and chat with geofriends and meet new people.
I definitely had the advantage when it came to meeting new people here, as my trackble tattoo draws people to me.  Just Leafy had me and Mike from the Geoknights get together for a photo of our tattoos, I only wish that C2C2C and I could have had a shot together too... But maybe next time!!

Call it kinda childish, but one of the highlights of this event was getting to have our picture taken with's mascot Signal the Frog.  This is is something I got to do many times at the Mega, but for different reasons.
 As well I got a chance to attach a trackable dog-tag to a specific special traveler.  It happens to be a small bar fridge door that some guy made into a trackable, and has invited others to attach their own to it as well.  This turned into quite the task, because we did not have the proper tools to attach it.  But with a bit of running around we finally found a nice lady that works as maintenance staff at the arena that was willing to loan us the tools necessary, and shortly after had the trackble attached and ready to go!

Looking at our watches again, we noticed that time was running away on us.  And with that we had to end this party and move on to a BBQ at Paulboy's home in Ladysmith before the next event started.

Please enjoy the pictures from this event, and thanks for all the fun!

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