Saturday, 21 July 2012

Goodbye Maricky and Nanaimo Caching Trip

On July 21st 2012, there was an event in Nanaimo for a Vancouver Island cacher named Mericky.  This legend of geocaching from the Nanaimo Region is sadly leaving us all and moving to the mainland.
The event was a fun way to get people from all over the island to come say fairwell, and to do our usual chit-chat and photo.

There were some great new caches hidden right by the venue to find.  And as the party started to taper off, some of us with Mericky left the venue and made the finds.  It was a great time had by all, and Leafy and I discovered a great new coffee house to grab a cup of joe at in the future.

Now the rest of our trip was used to get a few wedding related things completed, but of course we utilized some of our time to grab some caches.
Sadly Sunday was a very rainy day.. And when we went out with our Nanaimo caching friends sahara_jeepers, we all got soaking wet. 

Monday proved to be the best of the days.  While it was mostly cloudy and very windy, the rain stayed away.  And because of this we go the most finds.  We went home later that day with 21 finds under our belt, and were very please with this.

Thanks Nanaimo cachers for all the great hides!

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