Friday, 6 July 2012

Island Spirit Scary Night Event

With the party sufficiently started, Just Leafy and I had to rush off to Paulboy's home in Ladysmith for a BBQ.  This was because we were not technically attending the Island Spirit Night Event - GC3EX20, we were working it!  And this BBQ was for everyone that was helping Paulboy make this event possible.

Last I read Paulboy reports that 424 cachers went through our scary gauntlet in the woods!
HOLY COW!!  This event almost hit mega status alone!!!

Sadly I have no pictures from this event because we were out there helping make this the most talked about event of the weekend.  Just Leafy and I were about three quarters of the way around the lake manning the station where you heard the blood curdling scream, and then with your attention in the other direction got soaked down with a water gun.  My favorite moment is when Ann of Cache Crop stopped right in front of the stump I was hiding in, and with everyone's headlamps on her I unloaded almost an entire clip of water on her.  She was absolutely soaked!!!

To get the full picture of the event my suggestion is to read some of the testimonials in the logs.  In fact I will use my favorite log from Giant Pickle.  His log on the cache event page is written as such:

"Man, I was worried from the get-go on this one. All paulboy's talk of the scary things in the park. aahh!

So, I don't know how it went with everyone else, but with our small group which included sdkonkle, EpicGirl, alyseluvsmike, bomabound, creakyclanchris & others... we were all scared half to death. I guess I really shouldn't speak for everyone else though.

I mean first we were fired on by a dihydrogen monoxide autocanon with some fancy auto sensing gizmo that when we walked by it just started firing. We lost one in our group on that already.

The huge bats that were out carried off another... I don't even know who it was.

After that there were bears, lions and tigers... oh my! I mean those bears were so scarey... especially the one that seemed to shake with laughter as we tried to scare it off.

There was this one really spooky light that showed up... and then disappeared. Then there was this strong wind, as though a train was going by... but not really. It was a ghost train. EpicGirl was captured by the ghostly engineer... sdkonkle jumped on the trail to go save her. He got her off the train just before there was a burst of flame that we couldn't even feel... and then it was gone just as suddenly as it appeared.

The worst was the blood curdling screams. I really wanted to help that poor woman, but creakyclanchris stopped me and he went in... sadly, we never saw him again!

We were able to fight/scare off most of the bears, but one really nasty big one got ahold of mike from alyselovemike... but alyse proved her love and beat that bear silly.

I don't know how we could possibly be expected to search for letters in the dark under all this duress.

Perhaps that explains why our group only found 10 out of the 11 that was really supposed to be 12.

Ha! But seriously, thank you paulboy and volunteers for putting on a greatly entertaining event. One that will be remembered for a long time. There was one thing that I was wondering about though paulboy... see pic.

Thanks for my second trip around the lake today, and a really great time."

Thank you everyone that attended you were great!  And thank you everyone that helped Paulboy make this event such a special experience!!!

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