Sunday, 8 July 2012

Island Spirit Pancake Breakfast & CITO

I tell you!  After all the fun I had over the last couple of days, I was just beat.  And when we got back to our tent after the Geocoin Event, it was head hits pillow and out like a light.

But this brings us to the last two events that completely wraps up the entire Mega weekend!  This was the Pancake Breakfast and the CITO!  Now this particular entry will cover both of these events, so this will be my last entry for the entire weekend.

We arrived to find the front gates still closed, and silly us didn't even think to drive around back and see if the other gates were open.  So we sat out there talking to another pair of cachers that had arrived early. 
Once the gates were opened and we grabbed ourselves a parking spot, and we started to make our way to where we assumed the breakfast was being cooked.

On the way there I saw sdkonkle sitting at a bench, so I decided to wander over and chat it up with him.  But Just Leafy had other plans...  She told me that she wanted to see if Paulboy (who was running the kitchen for this event) needed any help, and with that she sauntered over to the cookhouse.

After talking to with sdkonkle for a while I decided to wander over myself... Actually the smell of bacon cooking was calling to me, and was making my tummy grumble!
So off I went in search of food, but first I decided to say goodmorning to Paulboy and his crew and check up on Leafy.  Well they sure were in full swing in the kitchen, and just as Leafy had predicted Paul did need the help.  And there she was cooking that oh so awesome smelling thing that called me over in the first place.... BACON!

I said my hellos, and took a few pics of them hard at work and went to go wait in line.  This is when I heard my named called, and there was The Moss Troopers.  They motioned that they were going to toss me something, and so I prepaired to catch... and low and behold they gave me the 2010 BCGA geocoin that I wanted so much from back in the past.  They knew I wanted this coin back then because it signifies my first year of geocaching.  Unfortunatly when BCGA made these I missed the deadline and completely missed out.  But because of these very kind folks I now own one, and to them I am very greatful!

I got in line and paid for my morning meal, chatted away with The Moss Troopers and made some geocaching plans with Dave AKA Pracademics.  I am so happy for Pracademics, as he just got sworn in as a canadian citizen by that Admiral of the Pacific Naval Fleet recently. 
Talking away we made our way slowly through the line to the food, recieved our breakfast and got to sitting and eating.  I tell you, I have never been so glad for a cup of coffee as I was right then.. It was what I needed even more than the food at that moment.  And with the breakfast out of the way, I slid over to the logbook and signed for Just Leafy (remember she was busy cooking bacon) and I.

This is when I wandered over and started the CITO. 
Now for those that do not know what a CITO is, CITO stands for Cach In Trash Out.  We hold CITO events quite often as geocachers, and normally we head into a park or such and pick up trash!
At this particular CITO we were doing that too, but also puting away all equipment we used so as to return the facilities to the owners as it was before we took it over for the weekend.
And in due time, we were all done.  And once the kitchen volunteers got a chance to eat (during which Leafy decided to make her Pancake into the Batman symbol) the whole weekend came to a complete finnish.

And with that I come to a close.  Thank you Island Spirit 2012 Organizing Committee for all your hard work in making this the best geocaching weekend I have ever had to date.  Thank you all my fellow volunteers for putting in your time and dedication to make this event so special to so many cachers from far and wide.  And Thank you to all the cachers that came to the Island Spirit 2012 Mega!! It was so nice to see and meet so many of you, and I hope our paths cross again in the future!

Take care and happy hunting

ShadowcasterCDN & Just Leafy of The GO! Team

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