Thursday, 2 August 2012

Two Year Geo-Anniversary And Going For The Island Caches Part 2: Matheson Lake

Wow we can't believe another year of geocaching has gone by. 

We started caching on August 2nd 2010, and this Aug 2nd marks our two year geo-anniversary and we felt it would be nice to get a cache on that day... But it could not be just any cache, it had to be special. Since these island caches are a bit harder to get to, we felt that it should be an island cache on this special day. And we chose this one to commemorate it!

Just Leafy and I got up decently early and got all the gear together, loaded up and headed out. We took turns getting the boat inflated and grabbed a couple of shots of that, we even had a butterfly come an alight on our craft while we worked! It was like it came to give us its blessing... Ok not really, but it sounded cool right!?

We got to the water, Leafy jumped in the boat and I put on my flippers. That's right I was the motor this time, and my old scuba gear came in hand on this trip lol! While on route the camera crapped out, and so our journey seemed like it was not going to be documented at all. But once on the island I remembered my Oregon 550 has a built in camera, so we got a couple more shots.

Found the cache really fast because it was out in the open, so we signed the log and re-hid it where the hint pointed to. And then we sat by the water and talked for a while about possible geo-adventures in the future, and then made the trip back to shore!

Thanks for a fun cache to do on our 2 year geo-anniversary V.I.P. FAMILY!

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