Friday, 6 July 2012

Tubing to the Mega Event

On Friday July 6th, 2012 the series of satellite events that lead up to the Island Spirit 2012 Mega Event Began.  So many events, and this time so many stories!   And the first would be Tubing to the Mega - GC3CG0M.

The day started quite early for Just Leafy and I as we got out of bed to pack any thing we could think of needing over the weekend.  Groggily we moved about the condo at a snails pace, and loaded the Jeep up with all of our gear.  Soon enough, but not as soon as I wished it to be (for I was probably the more excited one to get going) we headed out the door for the last time and started the drive to Cowichan Lake.

It was 8:00am and the weather was already promising to be one of the nicest days we have had all summer.  The drive went smoothly and we were shortly in Duncan and definitely feeling the need to eat, and with a quick stop at Subway we were ready 100% for the day.  Quickly we made a stop at the nearby Canadian Tire to say hi to my best friend, and were back on our way.

We arrived at the Tube Shack, Cowichan Lakes premier river tubing adventure business located under Jake's at the Lake restaurant  with time to spare.  We began to mingle with the other cachers arriving and had excited conversations with they cachers we already knew.

As we mingled Alan AKA Mr. Wilson and a Mt. Goat arrived, and we planned to enter the water together and ride as a group.  Sadly like always Just Leafy and I spent a bit too long chatting it up with everyone, and then we looked over and saw poor Alan waiting to go.  We quickly changed into our bathing suites, and rushed to Alan's side, grabbed our tubes and away we went.

Mr. Wilson was the first to go in, followed by Just Leafy, and then by me!
The start was slow with the water not even noticeably moving, but it in fact was and we moved along at a decent click.
We shortly ended up joining a caravan of other tubing cachers, one of which is the son of the proprietors of World Caching.  And together we had a blast.

To anyone reading this blog entry that did not attend this event, I highly suggest if you can go back to Cowichan Lake someday to take the ride.  The sights, the sounds of nature, and the fits of laughter that fill the air are worth the 2.5hrs of your time!!

Please enjoy the various shots I got of our adventure while Tubing to the Mega!!

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